If you work on cars at home, you know how important the right tools are. Find out some of the benefits of owning a four post car lift.

Automotive Lift Equipment Sales & Installation in California & the Greater Las Vegas Area

Shop Equipment USA is a premier distributor of automotive lift systems for commercial and residential clients throughout California and Northern Nevada. We are a Direct Lift and Forward Lift distributor and only sell quality American Manufactured ALI certified lifts manufactured by Dover Corporation. Our customers include automotive and motorcycle service centers, museums, race team facilities and more, but our focus is the residential car enthusiast. We are “car guys” and we love to display our cars and wrench on them just as much as you do! More storage means the ability to buy more cars! Let us turn your two car garage into a four car garage or your three car garage into a six car garage! Your wife will love it too! If she doesn’t, at least you’ll have a cool garage to hang out in! Let us turn your shop or garage into one you’ll never want to leave!

Automotive lift distributor providing a wide range of lifts and equipment to shops. ALI/ETL-certified experts in safe and reliable installation.

Why Choose Shop Equipment USA?

Established in 1953 we are a family-owned business that treats you like family! We have confidence in our equipment and we stand behind it. We only sell quality American Manufactured products, but just as important to us as the quality of our equipment, is our reputation for providing the best customer service. We truly care about our customers and seek to provide the best service in the industry. Whether you are an individual purchasing one lift or a museum purchasing a hundred lifts, you will be treated the same. We are happy to spend time on the phone with you explaining our products and what type of lift would work best for you. We understand that automotive lift equipment is an item that the majority of hobbyists may not be familiar with, and we will do our best to educate you, so you can make the best decision for your specific needs. You will never feel rushed or brushed aside with Shop Equipment USA. Our customers are our greatest advertising and the majority of our customers come from referral.

Shipping, Delivery, and Installation Options:

We have multiple offices and/or warehouses throughout California including locations in Hayward, Sacramento, Rosamond, and Pasadena. You are welcome to pick up your lift at either our Hayward or Rosamond, CA warehouse where our friendly staff will load your lift onto your trailer so you can bring it home and install it yourself. Our lifts are pre-packaged and organized for ease of transport and DIY installations.

If you would rather not make the drive to one of our warehouses or do not have the means to transport, we can arrange shipping across California, Northern Nevada and beyond. We can give you a shipping quote over the phone and make the arrangements for you. Most lifts arrive within 5-7 days.

If you would like to have your lift delivered and professionally installed, we can coordinate and arrange both for you at a reasonable price with one of our trusted independent installers! Let us know which method you prefer & we will take care of the rest!

Our in Stock Inventory:

Unlike the majority of automotive equipment distributors and retailers we almost always have our most popular equipment in stock! We order in large volumes to obtain the best pricing and pass it on to you! We keep the following lifts in stock in Hayward and Rosamond, California:

Pro-Park 8S
(4 Post)
Pro-Park 8P
(4 Post)
Pro-Park 9P
(4 Post)
Pro Jack 4500
Pro Jack 3500

In addition, we can order any lift Direct Lift and Forward Lift. Lead times as soon as seven days!!


shop equipment USA - gallery
shop equipment USA - gallery

Quality Products Built to Last

We offer a variety of reliable, high-quality automotive lift equipment at great values. We are the California Distributor for Direct Lift and we also carry Forward Lift products. Direct Lift and Forward Lift are manufactured by Dover Corporation, an American Manufacturer! There are major differences in quality/safety between our American manufactured lifts and those built by our Chinese manufacturer competitors! All of our lifts are ALI (Automotive Lift Institute) certified. Look for the ALI gold label designation on any lift you buy. If you do not see the ALI certification label on a lift then it is not held to the same stringent quality/safety standards set forth by ALI. In addition, all of our equipment includes a 1-year moving parts and 5 year structural warranty to assure quality and durability. One call gets your shop or garage well-equipped and ready to rock ‘n roll. Stop crawling around on the driveway or garage floor. Let us lift you up!

What Is an ALI Certified Lift and Why Is It Better?

ALI is the Automotive Lift Institute. ALI certified lifts have been third party tested by a nationally accredited testing laboratory and proven to meet all the requirements of North America’s applicable electrical and mechanical safety standards. Lift testing includes verification of the structural integrity of all of the lift’s components, proper function of its controls and load-holding devices, proper lowering speeds,and overall protection.
Do not be fooled! A non-certified lift is not held to the same standards as a certified lift and has not been deemed safe by the Automotive lift Institute. Do not compromise on your safety; Do not buy if you don’t see ALI!

Expert Automotive Lift Distributor in Central California - Choose an Automotive Lift | Hayward

Need Automotive Lift Equipment for Your Shop or Garage?

For the best automotive lift selection, design, sales and installation, Shop Equipment USA is your one-stop shop. With more than 50 years of experience and a wide variety of two-post, four-post, motorcycle, and scissor lifts to choose from, we can help make your shop or garage safer, more organized and efficient, and just a nicer to be. Contact us today for prompt and knowledgeable assistance!

Certified Automotive Lift Equipment Distributor in California & the Greater Las Vegas Area

Serving the Inland Empire, Gold Country, and Imperial, Mendocino, Siskiyou & Ventura Counties including Hanford-Corcoran, Humbolt, Bakersfield, Chico, Fresno / Madera, Los Angeles, Merced, Modesto, Monterey Bay, Orange County, Palm Springs, Redding, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco Bay Area, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, Santa Maria, Stockton, Susanville, Visalia-Tulare, Yuba-Sutter, Las Vegas, Henderson & Summerlin

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