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Rotary® Wheel Aligner – R1080Plus | Baysaver 3D Wheel Alignment System

Original price was: $34,897.00.Current price is: $22,858.00.

The R1080Plus can be used with any four post or scissor lift. Its portable aligner console provides the ultimate convenience because you can position it anywhere within the bay—which means you don’t need a dedicated bay to use the machine. And the Bluetooth transmission between the front measuring heads and the control unit maximizes workspace because of its lack of obstacles and obstructions.

  • No minimum distance in front of the lift
  • Fixed cameras and exclusive 3D targets
  • Self-centering three-point clamps
  • Automatic lift level compensation
  • Bluetooth communication
  • Can be used on multiple lifts


Stock Information

Scroll Location

Automatic Lift Level Compensation

The easy-to-use, three-point clamping system gives you more point of contact so that you avoid compensation for off-center mis-measurements.

Easy Measuring Head Battery Replacement

A convenient charging station is located on the console unit and can be used with either a fixed or mobile installation.

Lift Mounting Bracket System

Both mobile and safe, the lift mounting bracket system is compact and adjustable to help you avoid damage with obstacles while lowering.

Automatic Target Recognition

The R1080 automatically searches the targets and detects their orientation within the space.

Customer data bank for recording up to 20,000 jobs with search by customer name or vehicle plate number.

Rolling Compensation/Run Out is not required on most vehicles with this system and is easily managed.

Data bank with more than 90,000 vehicle data sheets.

User’s instructions by animated graphics.

The quick measurement of axle set back, wheelbase and track-width, may highlight any errors in the vehicles body and chassis symmetry.

Dynamic data bank automatically modifies the alignment specifications based on chassis height.

Precise display of the adjustment points.

The steering procedure is carried out electronically through the CCD sensors, so the caster and king pin are measured with precision.


  • ADAS ready
  • Extra batteries
  • Two years of database updates
  • 3D Solid state targets
  • Clamping arms for 8″-24″ & 19″-36″ tires
  • Set of six Dually extensions for wheels
  • Set of 16 ABS conical tips
  • Set of four quick locking clamps


  • Brake pedal depressor
  • Steering wheel holder
  • Control unit with PC
  • 19′ monitor
  • Keyboard
  • Printer
  • Automatic battery charger


R1080PLUS Alignment System Technical Data Accuracy Measuring Range Total Measuring Range
Front axle
Total toe +/- 2’ +/- 2° +/- 20°
Partial toe +/- 1′ +/- 1° +/- 20′
Set-back +/- 2’ +/- 2° +/- 5°
Camber +/- 2’ +/- 3° +/- 10°
Caster +/- 5′ +/- 10° +/- 18°
King-pin +/- 5′ +/- 10° +/- 18°
Rear axle
Total toe +/- 2′ +/- 2° +/- 20°
Partial toe +/- 1′ +/- 1° +/- 20°
Set-back +/- 2′ +/- 2° +/- 5°
Camber +/- 2′ +/- 3° +/- 10°
Thrust angle +/- 2′ +/- 2° +/- 5°
Power supply 110v / 1Ø / 60 Hz