Tire Changer – R541 | Commercial Heavy-Duty Tire Changer

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The dimensions and work strokes ensure maximum efficiency for an entire range of tires. The two-speed rotation chucking table can accommodate rims up to 44” and 56” (with VSG108A12 extensions set). Service Tire Diameters Up to 90″.

  • Cable control unit
  • Aluminum Adapters Standard
  • Rotational control on portable wired stand
  • Tire paste lubricant and brush


Tube and Tubeless Tires

Hydraulic Arm Movement

Wired cable control unit inputs.




Chucking unit rotation motor

1.75 Hp / 1-1.3 kW

Hydraulic drive unit motor

2.95 Hp / 2.2 kW

Rim diameter
With VSGA108A12 adapters

11”- 43”
44’ – 56”

Maximum tire diameter

90.5” (2300mm)

Maximum tire width

51” (1300mm)

Chuck rotation speed (rev/min)


Power Supply

220v / 3Ø / 60 Hz

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