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This first level motorized balancer offers a great value to any shop. Its small footprint and lower rotational speed offers features even the most demanding operator will appreciate. A heavy-duty shaft, large offset for deep rims, easy to read display and standard accessories offering completes this great package.

  •  Automatic Program
  •  Automatic Start
  •  Caliper
  •  Digital Display
  •  Hidden Weight Program

Features Auto Stop On Top

When the cover is lowered, the R138 automatically begins to spin the shaft.

The balancer automatically stops in
the external unbalanced position.

Bright red, easy to read digital display.

Perform aluminum wheel balancing with
hidden weights above the spokes of the wheel.

Includes a diameter gauge, weight hammer, 3.5oz test weight (100g), 4 wheel cones, and locking unit as standard accessories.


Technical Dat


Wheel Diameters

10″ – 26″

Tire Width

1.5″ – 22″

Tire Diameter


Max Assembly Weight

143 lbs. (65kg)

Read Out Accuracy


Cycle Time

7 Seconds

Rotation Speed (rpm)


Power Supply

110v / 50-60 / 1hp

Wheel Diameter

Tire Width

Tire Diameter

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