Automotive Lift Safety Tips Near Sacramento

Automotive Lift Safety Tips | Sacramento

Automotive Lift Safety Tips Near Sacramento

If you own or work in a shop that uses a lift, you know how important it is to use it correctly. Understanding the best practices around a lift can keep you and everyone else in the shop safe and protected from injury or worse. Knowing some automotive lift safety tips helps prevent accidents and issues in your shop.

Inspect the Lift Daily

The best thing you can do in your shop is inspect your lift every single day. Check all the connections and structural joints and make sure there are no cracks or problems that are starting to form. This will give you the peace of mind you need to get started on your day’s work.

Never Load Beyond the Rating

Before using a lift for a car or motorcycle, you should always know what the manufacturer’s rating is. Staying well underneath this weight rating will ensure that the lift doesn’t bend or break when you try to put a load on it. If you aren’t sure what the rating is, it is always best to call the manufacturer or supplier and find out.

Never Raise a Vehicle With People Inside

Whether you have a two-post, four-post, or scissor lift, you should never raise a vehicle on it with anyone inside. Always make sure that the vehicle is clear before you put it up on an automotive lift.

Need an Automotive Lift Near Sacramento?

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Brad Vorhees
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Megan Miller
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